The Creative Rural Sector

The ‘rise’ of the Creative Rural Sector

This is an interim website which aims to effect the transition from the earlier pioneering R&D work of the Rural Cultural Forum (RCF), and the proposed establishment of the Creative Rural Industries Consortium (CRIC). Which we hope will come into being following the Tate Britain “RURAL INNOVATION; New creative rural economies” conference, 25/26 June 2019.

The RCF (Rural Cultural Forum) was active between 2006 and 2018, and had a dual campaign focus; which was the introduction of; (a) a national rural cultural investment strategy, and (b) development of a supporting creative rural economy R&D and investment initiative. More information about these are available in the archive section..?

The term ‘Rural Cultural Forum’ also refers to the early creative networking, community capacity building, communications and cultural advocacy phase of the rural cultural strategy. The term Creative Rural Industries implies a clear shift in focus and the sector’s desire to achieve some coherence and formalisation as a distinct creative rural economy, or creative rural industries sector.

Commensurate with this is the notion of the ‘rise of the creative rural sector’ which, interestingly had been predicted more than ten years ago by Richard Florida.. By this we mean the emergence of the creative rural sector as an equal partner CIC

The notion of a creative rural sector is obviously still quite open and is up for further negotiation and wider public debate.

The report and the conference aim to flesh out and consolidate

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