The Rural Cultural Forum currently has three main aims, the first two of which focus on the need to provide rural communities with full cultural entitlement and fair access to strategic arts and cultural regeneration, and a coherent rural cultural strategy through which to achieve these objectives. The third strand, which at present remains a longer term objective, is introduction of a cultural strategy for environmental sustainability.

Although committed to supporting rural and farming communities and rural artists, the RCF believes that both urban and rural communities should benefit from our campaign. The proposed rural cultural strategy forms an integral part of this longer term aim, looking ‘Beyond the Rural’ to the need for urban and rural communities tostructure a new overarchingcultural policy discourse promoting economic and environmental sustainability.

To summarise, the current aims of the RCF are:

1. Cultural Entitlement
to promote equity for rural communities and artistsin the allocation of national arts funding and cultural investment.

2. Rural Cultural Strategy
to promote a strategic framework in support of the creative rural economy, and innovative arts and rural regeneration and social inclusion initiatives in the countryside.

3. Sustainable Cultures
to contribute to a new cultural policy discourse and strategy promoting economic and environmental sustainability.