The Rural Cultural Forum was established in 2005 as a coalition of grassroots rural and farming community organisations, and professionals from the arts, design and rural media sectors, interested in promoting rural creativity and arts and culture in the UK.  The Forum undertakes a range of networking, advocacy, campaign, educational and arts research and development in support of rural communities and rural artists.

The current campaign aims of the RCF include: promoting cultural entitlement and equity for rural communities; researching new cultural investment and arts funding resources for rural regeneration and community development; campaigning for a new role for the professional arts sector (urban and rural) in support of economic regeneration, social inclusion, and environmental sustainability initiatives in rural areas; and working with the leading agencies and partners (DCMS and DEFRA, etc.) to promote the creative rural economy and encourage closer integration of Government cultural/arts, and rural development and environmental sustainability policies.

The RCF received an organisational development fund award (2006 – 2009) from Arts Council England West Midlands. The Rural Media Company and LITTORAL Arts Trust have provided additional development support and advice on cultural policy issues.

The Rural Cultural Forum wishes to acknowledge the support (financial and in kind) from the following organisations:

Rural Culture Supporters