The Creative Rural Industries Consortium will, we hope, be formally and democratically constituted during, or more likely after, the 2019 Tate conference. It is also intended to take over some of the work of the previous RCF (Rural Cultural Forum) which has now ended its campaigning and lobbying work. Part of its main function would also be to open a dialogue with CIC, DCMS, ACE, DEFRA, BEIS etc., about the possibility of support for the creative rural economy and formal recognition of the creative rural sector by the wider mainstream (urban?) CI community. The ‘consortium’ is currently mainly functioning as an interim Tate conference planning and working group. Which comprises:

Advisors to the Creative Rural Economies – Tate Britain conference initiative

  • Professor Rachel Cooper – Distinguished Professor Design Management and Policy Director, Imagination, Lancaster University
  • Pam Warhurst CBE – Chair Incredible Edible, formerly Chair Forestry Commission, Deputy Chair Countryside Commission, and Chair of natural England
  • Eliza Easton, Head of Policy Unit, Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre, NESTA (Consultee)
  • Julia Bennett, Head of Research and Policy, Crafts Council. (Consultee)
  • Professor David Bell, Professor of Cultural Geography, The Creative Countryside, Leeds University